Dominic Foppoli has been hard at work to improve the quality of life for his constituents throughout the Town of Windsor. Some of his accomplishments since he took office include:

Advancing a vision for the Windsor Town Green

Dominic is a Town Green business owner and a huge proponent of increasing the bottom line for small businesses while making the Town Green area a more vibrant place to visit. He helped lead efforts to encourage hoteliers to explore the development of a boutique hotel on the Town Green, and is supportive of other efforts to increase restaurant, retail and housing opportunities at the heart of our downtown.

Dominic Foppoli talking to Windsor Town Green business owner
Dominic Foppoli talking with Windor town seniors

Providing quality housing for our residents

Dominic supported efforts to provide quality housing for our residents. He supported new single-family residences and the Vintage Oaks on the Town Green proposal that will provide more transit-oriented, infill development near the future SMART Train Station. He remains supportive of quality yet affordable housing for seniors, families and young professionals at all income levels.

Approving a long-term planning blueprint to protect the future of Windsor

As the former Chairman of the Windsor Planning Commission, Dominic has a deep understanding of the town’s planning policies. Since joining the Town Council, the Council has moved closer to the completion of an update to its General Plan, a long-range planning document that will carefully guide future development in Windsor and ensure the future of the town is protected for the next generation of residents.

Dominic Foppoli talking to Oscar Chavez at Windor High School
Dominic Foppoli keeping Windsor Safe

Keeping our community safe

Dominic is proud of the fact that Windsor remains the safest community in Sonoma County, with extremely low levels of personal and property crimes. In light of the devastating October wildfires, Dominic also kept in close communication with first responders to ensure the fire did not present an imminent risk to Windsor residents (you can view Dominic’s Facebook live feed in the immediate aftermath of the fire, as he travelled throughout Windsor’s neighborhoods with then-Mayor Deb Fudge, by clicking here). As the Vice Mayor, he’s also worked with city officials to ensure Windsor is prepared to effectively respond in future emergencies.

Maintaining the family-friendly character of Windsor

Dominic is an active member of a youth-focused charitable organization, and knowing he wants to raise his family in Windsor, he has always kept the charming, family-friendly character of the Town close to heart to ensure Windsor remains a great place to raise a family. From investments in parks and playgrounds to improving the safety of our bike paths and sidewalks, Windsor remains the epitome of a welcoming, family-friendly community.

Dominic Foppoli talking to Town of Windor families

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